S McNeil…”We saw your show last night at Brookbridge, WOW…Loved every minute. Thank you for entertaining us and giving all of us a wonderful evening.”


L C Walsh…”Thanks for a great show last night, we had a wonderful time.”


A Almon….”John, we caught all 3 of your performances this past week on the Disney Magic WBTA. Always love your shows. Hoping you'll make an appearance on the Wonder Panama canal cruise next month.”


D M D-Culhane…”Your hysterical!!! I saw you at Valencia Shores last night, Aug 13th and I laughed like hell for your entire show! Your such a talented guy, great voice, great musician, I'm so happy that I experienced you...Yes, I'm from NY, Mahopac, only in Fla for a few weeks, glad I was….”


S W Martinez….”Hi! We sailed on a couple of Disney Cruises you have been on. Love your music.” 


D David….”My family have loved your act on past DCL cruises.”


C Uden….”Hi John, just watched your totally amazing show again, and spoke to you afterwards.   It was totally fab.” 


J Rodgers….”Hi John, you have been the conversation of our work luncheon today. All great memories.  Wow! I guess we will need to set up a cruise. LOL

We will wait impatiently!” 


D Artibello….”Hi John,  My family has seen you perform on many Disney Cruises.  We are big fans!”


Ami….”Any chance you'll be on British isles cruise in June? My family loves your show!”


T Wilkinson…”Still my favorite Rock star!”


M V Cunningham…”Amazing artist, so much fun! Thank you!!”

John Charles Accolades